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Energy Market and Additive Manufacturing

Energy markets include traditional fossil fuel and modern “green” energy market segments. Increasing climate concerns have led governments and energy providers to focus on alternative options such as natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, small hydro and tidal resources.  Additive manufacturing is a key component for new advancements in these fields.

Developing these alternative energy sources requires modified and new materials and manufacturing technologies. For example, to advance natural gas as a less polluting alternative fuel in turbine engines, new alloy materials are needed that can sustain operations in excess of 2,000F. Similarly, new wind energy development requires material that can survive sand, water and wind erosion while operating in extreme environments from desert heat to arctic cold.

Solar Energy markets are served by our team.

Traditional materials no longer meet these demands and require replacement or modification. Standard Advanced Products & Services works closely with energy firms to develop modified and new materials and manufacturing technologies to help reduce operational costs for these demanding applications. Through our partnership with Touchstone Testing Lab, we can support the qualification and testing of these materials

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