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Additive manufacturing technology (AM) is considered to be the “next frontier” in manufacturing. AM is advancing in small-scale manufacturing and early-stage product development (design and prototyping). There are profound improvements when comparing AM to traditional manufacturing process including more efficient material consumption, combining of materials and flexibility in applications. AM also uses advanced technologies including laser-based powder bed fusion, sintering and polymer extrusion.


Typical materials used are metallic and polymer alloys as well as polymer composites. Many metallic and polymer AM technologies use powders as the feedstock, while others are based on extruded wires and fibers. Regardless of material type, AM allows flexibility to meet certain critical properties including powder chemistry, particle size, particle morphology and flowability. This flexibility is required to produce dense products with acceptable surface characteristics, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Additive manufacturing technology
Additive Technology Manufacturing through Standard APS

Standard Advanced Products & Services works closely with key part developers and wire/powder suppliers to develop modified and new materials. Through our partnership with Touchstone Testing Lab, we can support the qualification and testing of these materials. 

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