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Aerospace Market & Additive Manufacturing

The Aerospace Market includes commercial and military aviation, jet engine, and commercial space.  Additive Manufacturing plays a large role in the research and development of new materials for these industries.

Commercial Aviation

The commercial aviation market is undergoing substantial change in terms of type and size of aircraft as well as interior environment. Traditional long-haul and high-capacity aircraft are losing ground to short-distance, smaller and highly fuel-efficient aircraft.  These changes have required development of new materials and process, such as foils, laminates and specialty wires to replace traditional materials and processes.

Military Aviation

Demands of military aviation are shifting to longer service times, reduced operating expenses and life-cycle ownership costs. Additionally, military aviation equipment is expected to achieve peak performance in severe environments from desert operations to open sea and arctic cold.  These more demanding missions have created requirements for higher performing materials such as advanced foil and wire products for structural, engine and electronic components.

Jet Engines

Today’s jet engines must offer increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.  Traditional engine manufacturing, which use nickel and titanium-based alloys, is now leveraging new materials such as ceramics, intermetallic and light alloys.

Commercial Space

Ventures such as SpaceX, Boeing, and Blue Origin provide commercial space access previously dominated by elite federal organizations.  The development of planetary vehicles, satellites, transport and reconnaissance systems is now critical.  To control costs, private firms are now developing reusable and multipurpose launch systems which require development of new materials and manufacturing processes. 

Aerospace Market Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing and the Aerospace Market

Standard Advanced Products & Services works closely with key commercial, military and space-related OEMs and supplier to provide manufacturing services to assist with development of new/modified materials. Through our sister company, Touchstone Testing Lab, we can support the qualification and testing of these materials.

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