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Ground & Marine Transportation

Ground & Marine Transportation markets broadly include automotive, truck, trailers, rail and marine. Increasing demand for fuel-efficiency and emission reductions now compels OEMs to find alternatives to traditional steel-based materials.

Next-generation body materials are being developed to include high-strength and stainless steels and light-alloy aluminum and magnesium components. Engine and transmission components are now designed with light metal alloys. Turbochargers using similar alloys now provide increased power-to-weight ratio that improves efficiency and lowers emissions. Additive manufacturing helps bring these technologies to market.

Demand for zero-emission vehicles has also propelled development. In addition to material efficiencies, electric vehicles (EV’s) require newer, lightweight batteries for energy storage and wires for electric motors. Combined, these material developments can help improve overall range-per-charge for the EV market. Similar demands in trucking, trailer and marine markets also require new materials.

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Standard Advanced Products & Services works closely with key transportation OEMs and suppliers to develop modified and new materials and process technologies. Through our partnership with Touchstone Testing Lab, we can support the qualification and testing of these materials.

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